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Domestic & Commercial Window Cleaning

1. By booking our services you accept these terms and conditions of trading which are applicable for The Window Cleaner. (TWC here on after)

2. Should you wish to cancel TWC services please do so in writing by way of letter or e-mail. It is your responsibility to ensure we receive your cancellation request. TWC is not responsible for any communication that is lost in the post. TWC will acknowledge your cancellation request in writing to the address or e-mail provided. All new customers who join our regular service will have committed to a minimum of 6 cleans before you can cancel your regular service unless any special terms were previously agreed in writing. An additional surcharge may be added to cancel your cleaning within this 6 clean period, usually 100% of the first clean cost.

3. All goods and services remain the property of TWC until paid for in full.

4. Obtaining optimum cleaning results may take a few washes, this is due to the result of traditional window cleaning methods, excessive dirt and residue build up, detergent can cause slight spotting, and leaching can occur from frames, trickling water marks from frames and vents. This should all cease once the dirt has been fully removed, regular washes resolves nearly all these issues. If however this has not happened then please contact us. In additions certain windows and there frames require different levels of our attention to detail when cleaning, this is due to seals, certain vents and oxidation occurring which we may not notice first hand. If repeated spotting occurs we would carry out an inspection and create a report on your windows to identify and resolve the problem.

5. If you wish to cancel or postpone TWC services on the day of your scheduled clean and/upon arrival then TWC reserve the right to charge a discretionary surcharge of 50% of the total price payable for your clean. TWC operates 50 weeks per annum therefore we may clean your windows during inclement weather. TWC reserves the right to decide if the window cleaning services should be carried out or abandoned. Our systems work in all weather conditions therefore we cannot accept this is not a valid reason for postponement. We can clean your home in all weather conditions without affecting the quality of the clean.

6. If you or your representative request our operatives cease cleaning prior to commencing, TWC reserves the right to charge a discretionary surcharge of 50% of the total amount payable for your clean.

7. All quotations are based on agreed frequencies in line with cleaning in your area. Should you break this agreement by postponements to this service,once service is re-established, the first clean can carry a surcharge of an additional 100% of the total price payable for your clean . These charges are at TWC Discretion.

8. We would be happy to send you a schedule of your service however, these are a guide and we cannot be held to a specific date. Your cleaning frequency is not date specific and TWC may make slight changes to your cleaning due dates to suit workloads and staff cleaning capacity.

9. If you are unhappy with the quality of your clean, please register your complaint within a reasonable time frame (Ideally 48 hours). You may call us on 01793 493125. All re cleans are at the discretion of TWC. Any complaints made after 48 hours are also at the discretion of TWC. If any complaint is proven to not be as a result of our service provided, TWC reserves the right to charge a call out charge of £17.50.

10. We will endeavour to clean all windows however, if we deem any of the windows to be inaccessible or unsafe to clean, we will not clean them.Should we be unable to access any part of your property due to land locked gardens and certain locked access or entrance gates we will only clean the accessible areas. This may be charged at percentage of the total clean cost. Due to insurance liabilities, we are unable to move obstacles such as but not exhaustive to: flowerpots and garden furniture. If such items restrict access to a particular area of your property we will not be able to clean it. We request that all small children and pets are kept inside the property whilst our operatives are cleaning your windows. The area should be free from any kind of animal excrement. We will only climb over locked gates and walls given it safe for us to do so and may not give you prior notice.

11. In freezing temperatures it may be necessary to grit areas of excess water. We accept no liabilities for any staining that may occur as a result. In very icy conditions we will not wash certain parts of your property due to health and safety and may leave windows alongside or by access paths. In addition we do not clean doors in these conditions due to similar reasons.

12. We do not accept any liability for damage caused by decorative or structural defects or conditions at your property. This is no limited to, doors,fascia’s, guttering, ill fitted windows, conservatory trims, unsecured windows and door, rotting frames, decorative bars, leaking seals etc.

13. We accept no liability for decorative bars coming loose or falling from the exterior of the glass. If these bars are correctly installed and well maintained our brushes will not damage or dislodge them in any way.

14. In the event of any accident TWC if necessary will instruct an Insurance Assessor to investigate the root cause of the accident. TWC will not accept liability for any accident deemed out of TWC control that has occurred as a result of fittings or glass already damaged arising from faulty construction,poorly maintained windows or conservatory roofs and the customer will be liable for any repair or out of pocket expenses.

15. TWC and all TWC operatives are comprehensively insured under our Public Liability Insurance Policy. For more information please contact us.

16. Prior to commencing any work on Commercial Outlets a full Risk Assessment/Method Statement will be carried out and recorded in line with bothTWC and the customers H&S Policies. Available to view on request.

17. Full payment is due on the day of the clean. If you fail to make this payment within 48 hours your account may be suspended until such time as the arrears have been settled. If you have posted payment, the onus is upon you to prove payment has arrived and cleared. We cannot accept liability for cash, cheques or postal orders that have been lost in the post. We do not advise sending cash in the post, you may however post cash by hand through our door at the property in Hayden End.

18. If payment is not made within 48 hours TWC reserves the right to charge a discretionary £2.50 for late payments. If payment exceeds 28 days a late payment charge of £17.50 in total will be added to your account to compensate for all types of communication required to collect payment. TWC reserves the right to pass this account over to a collections agency or to proceed with court action to recover all outstanding debts, legal costs and any added expense incurred with regards to this debt.

19. TWC collects data from our customers in the form of Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, Email Address and further job specific details to build up a description of your cleaning requirements. This information is strictly for the use of TWC for cleaning and communication purposes. We respect our customers’ privacy and this information is kept in line with data protection regulations at all times.

20. TWC operatives/representatives will remain polite, courteous, reliable, uniformed and professional at all times. If any representative of TWC fails to adhere to this code of conduct you are to report this immediately to the TWC office in writing by letter or email. This in turn will be investigated internally and TWC will keep the customer informed of the outcome of their investigation.

21. All prices are subject to change at TWC discretion. You will be notified of this prior to the next scheduled clean.